Some Kind of Wonderful

Jan 15, 2021

St Collins Lane Christmas Campaign 2020

The opportunity to style St Collins Lane’s (SCL) Christmas Campaign in Melbourne’s CBD came along when I’ve just relocated to Perth…but it was so good and exciting that I couldn’t say no and also, hello 2020 and going virtual!!

The brief was a young couple doing the Christmas shopping and having a good time. They’re fun and bubbly and fashion forward.

They wanted it to feel like Christmas, so we opted for a red Zadig & Voltaire dress for her which was a winter item ( it has turtleneck) and decided to style it back to front to have an open chest and make it look more summery and approachable (the power of illusion dressing!). We paired back with white sneakers also for him to add that relaxed / fun element. SCL also had their Christmas decorations up which were all different shades of green so red / pink / white created a good contrast.

We also shot a second look which was a bit more conservative and elegant but still fun! We opted for a beautiful white suit from Reiss and a colorful Coach bag to again create some contrast and add a fun touch.

This was shot the week Melbourne came out of their 3 month long lockdown and I’m not going to lie, it had its challenges! Especially in terms of adhering to COVID Safe practices which affected the way we loaned the products and handled them. But we had a great team who worked tirelessly to make it all happen and the campaign was a big success!

And as to how did I manage the campaign from Perth, well as always the answer is with great planning and amazing help! I worked with my partner Manuela Castelluzzo who’s Melbourne based and so knowledgeable and experienced plus I had the help from two of my Australian Style Institute’s peers, Susan Leigh and Callum McMillan who were simply incredible.

We hardly ever show what goes behind the scenes but most of the time is much more than what happens on the actual shooting day. One day I’ll share more about it…

And this is Some Kind of Wonderful, I hope you enjoy it!

Coral xx

St. Collins Lane Christmas

Look 1: Danielle is wearing Reiss jumpsuit, blazer and shoes with Coach bag. Necklace is from Franco and earrings from Les Nereides Paris. Brad is wearing Rodd and Gunn jacket, trousers and shirt. Belt is from MJ Bale and sneakers from Reiss.

Look 2: Danielle is wearing a Zadig et Voltaire dress and sneakers with a Furla bag and Les Nereides Paris jewellery. Brad is wearing MJ Bale jacket and shorts with Rodd and Gunn polo and Reiss sneakers.

Creative Agency: Kreate Australia Models: Danielle Collis and Brad Putzier by Brazen Models Hair and Makeup: Kat Margarita Style: Coral Carretero and Manuela Castelluzzo Assistants: Susan Leigh and Callum McMillan Photography: Chris Hillary Video: Elastic Studios